CWDM/DWDM Channel Checker

Service turn-up and troubleshooting device.

The Cloudtronics WDM-Mate is a CWDM or DWDM Channel Checker that is unique as is a solid-state device that has no moving internal switching components that enables longevity and extremely fast wavelength detection and power level results.

This device can be used for service turn-up or troubleshooting.  

The CWDM device can also be used for BIDI fibre installations to automatically detect 1270/1330nm or other wavelength combinations such as 1310/1550, 1310/1490 1490/1550 or 1490/1570.

Pre-sales engineering and technical support

Cloudtronics are able to offer pre-sales support on all related aspects of DisplayMate. Our toll free number for Indonesia wide is +62 21 5095 9964