Remote Control of UVC Steralisation System

Combining the intelligence of technology with the power of Ultra Violet Light.
Ultraviolet Sanitaizer
Ultra Violet Light : Safety

UltraViolet C (UVC) Light is the most powerful steralisation method; neutralising all exposed bacterias. UVCMate is designed as a multi-stage safeguarding unit, programmed to protect your business, teams & customers.

Box Ultraviolet

Automated Anti-Bacterial System

The UVCMate is a intelligent UVC lamp controller for the safe and effective controlling of UVC Lamps for a multistage approach to neutralising harmful bacteria. The UVCMate has built-in lamp failure detection that will notify required parties when a zone lamp needs replacing to ensure a steralisation process has been completed successfully. The cloud portal monitors all device activities such as human detection, zone failure, total zone runtime and potential maintenance requirements. The cloud portal has the ability to notify users via SMS, email and can generate reports on demand.

Feature Cloudtronics


• Independently Controlled 8 Zone UVC Controller
• Automatic zone shutdown upon human detection
• UVC Lamp Failure detection
• Customisable date, time and duration steralisation period
• Emergency Manual Override Protection
• Audio & Visual sanitisation process indication

Input/Output Cloudtronics


• 4G Modem / Failover
• Backup Battery
• SMS Out of Band Management



•Cloud Reporting
• Emergency System Shutdown Control
• Multi System location with status indication (Map)
• SMS / Email Alerts
• Reports

Pre-sales engineering and technical support

Cloudtronics are able to offer pre-sales support on all related aspects of UVCMate. Our toll free number for Indonesia wide is +62 21 5095 9964