Programmable Transceivers

Programmable Transceivers – Cloudtron™

Engineered to achieve carrier-class uptime and performance

Cloudtron™ is our market branding for our Optical Transceivers and Optical CWDM and DWDM filters. Cloudtronics couples the quality of our Transceivers with local engineering and support that provides the best in market switch compatibility.

Our universal transceivers are typically less than 50% of the cost of original vendors transceivers without the risk of a drop in performance or support. With the flexibility of programming, reprogramming and multi-vendor programming you can cost-effectively control your inventory costs.

Our 100% standalone remote support devices MiniMate and MaxiMate allow onsite transceiver testing and onsite transceiver programming. With world-first built-in Live Chat it is easy to get your transceivers tested, programmed and running without delay.

Recently we combined the flexibility of tunable DWDM SFP+ with the ability to set wavelengths with any of our remote support devices. This greatly increases flexibility and can be achieved with lower-end switches that don’t have the DWDM tuning capabilities built-in.

Cloudtronics is the only company in Australia that has local transceiver engineering capabilities and on-site R&D lab to ensure transceiver quality and compatibilities are maintained to the highest levels.

Pre-sales engineering and technical support

Cloudtronics are able to offer pre-sales support on all related aspects of the supply and selection of SFP’s (and the extended range of new technologies). Our toll free number for Indonesia wide is +62 021 1234567