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Our global offices provide an unrivalled support service, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our sales team will work with you to customise products to meet specific requirements, both technical and budgetary.

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The global teams work in collaboration to provide our clients with customized transmissions solutions that are not typically available commercially.

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Who we Are

PT. Cloudtronics Indonesia Jaya Established Representative Office of Cloudtronics Pty Ltd Australia

Cloudtronics specialises in providing unique cloud-based solutions, tailored to our customer requirements. Assisting in the complete solution cycle from inception, design, Proof of Concept (POC), manufacturing, setup and handover. By controlling the entire development and deployment cycle of our products and services we are able to eliminate risk.

Feature Cloudtronics

State of the Art Lab Facility

Our lab facilities are second to none! We are able to simulate customer conditions in our test labs to provide fast and effective engineering or corrective solutions.

Input/Output Cloudtronics

Best in Market Forward Replacement

If there is a transceiver failure, we will send a replacement as soon as testing is conclusive – within 1 business day.

What we do

Cloudtronics Indonesia has 3 core product line objectives


Our Fibre Connectivity Range with industry-leading 3-5 year warranty and 100% compatibility guarantee; building trusted networks and improving connectivity.


Offering Pre and Post-Sales Technical Support with upto 24 x 7 ticket/phone support network; Connecting you directly with the Engineers – the Experts!


The 6 Week Design Consultation for Customised IoT Cloud Based Electronics making your projects a reality, faster!.


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Fiber Optic

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What is SFP

What is SFP

SFP BiDirectional 1G 120KM Compatible with all sw High-end networks require high-end equipment. There are…
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West Java APJII Deliberation: PT. Cloudtronics partnered with the Semesta Teknologi Informatika (STI)

West Java APJII Deliberation: PT. Cloudtronics partnered with the Semesta Teknologi Informatika (STI)

Implementation of APJII West Java APJII West Java held a meeting which was attended by…
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