Sunsquirt – Smart Sun Screen Dispenser

Smart Sun Screen Dispenser, Ethernet and 4G capable versions, SMS and Email Sun Screen Levels Alert System, Cloud CMS for System Settings and Management
Cloudtron Fluidmate

Smart Sun Screen Dispenser

Cloudtronics utilised our universal FluildMate hardware motherboard and software plugins to create a product called Sunsquirt. Please see the Sunsquirt website for more information. The electronic hardware, fluid delivery and cloud supported portal was developed for Sunsquirt for the Smart dispensing of Sun Screen.

This system has built-in content display management controlled by our cloud portal which also includes the Sunquirt device settings and live statics on fluid levels. SMS and email alerts are also incorporated into the system to assist Sunsquirt and their clients to manage and maintain the devices. Cloudtronics is proud to be able to support and work closely with Kris from Sunsquirt in the journey with the machine.
Feature Cloudtronics


•No-touch dispenser
•1-2 Relay contacts
•Up to 4 dry contacts
•Body temperature sensor

Input/Output Cloudtronics


•4G Failover
•Out of Band SMS Control
•Step Up / Down power output
•Home port
•Lan port
•USB port
•SMS / Email



•Device Status
•Content Management
•Device Location
•Settings & device management
•SMS / Email notifications

Pre-sales engineering and technical support

Cloudtronics are able to offer pre-sales support on all related aspects of SunSquirt. Our toll free number for Indonesia wide is +62 21 5095 9964